Self-Checkout Payment Kiosk

SKYAPP’s Self-Checkout Payment Kiosk offers an extra checkout touchpoint for customers, enabling more efficient queue management during peak hours. In addition to improving the checkout experience, it also represents a cost-effective solution for businesses.

Automated Float Management System

Eliminate the need for manual cash-counting with SKYAPP’s fully automated self-service Cashier Float Management System, which enables businesses to enjoy greater operational efficiency with reduced manpower. This system is particularly well-suited for hotels, supermarkets, and multi-checkout-lane retailers.

Cash Deposit System

Designed with wholesalers who handle significant amounts of cash in mind, SKYAPP’s Cash Deposit System enables delivery staff to make self-service cash deposits upon returning from their daily scheduled stock delivery trips.

Retail and F&B Solutions

SKYAPP’s Cloud-based Retail and F&B Management System is a unique offering that combines centralized Inventory and Distribution Management with a modern POS system at the storefront.

Point-of-Sales   (POS/Tablet POS)

SKYAPP POS is a contemporary point-of-sale system that simplifies the selling process for businesses. It is compatible with standard POS hardware, including PCs and tablets, and can be easily connected to the latest devices, such as barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers, and even Cash Recycler machines.